Reading is chatting with yourself. Chatting with yourself is listening to others.

At eagerWorks, our mission is bringing ideas to life. This is why we work from what the famous psychologist Carol Dweck calls a Growth Mindset: An orientation towards constant learning, questioning your current paradigm, and perpetual self-improvement. Reading and absorbing new ideas from the best minds is our favorite way to do this.

Nowadays, content consumption and learning have taken many forms. We are fans of Ted talks, Podcasts, Blog articles (like this one!), series, documentaries, you name it. However, some of our core values and most profound learnings are found in books (yes, we still read books!) that found…

This is the story of how a small project inspired many other to flourish.

On March 13th, 2020, Uruguay saw its first Covid confirmed case. It was soon after, on April the 20th, to be exact, that we, at eagerworks, launched one of the first non-profit solidary national projects among the Covid-19 pandemic.

As you might be aware, restaurants were forced to shut their doors and close for good. We immediately understood the repercussions. It could only mean financial struggle: how were they supposed to afford to keep their business while not generating any income across an uncertain period? Uncertainty and adversity reigned.

About being Agile and responding just in time

Time was of the essence, and we had to be agile…

The Process of Minimum Viable Products.

Why Lean Startup?

Every startup’s success is obtained by following the right process. It’s not a consequence of good genetics or, as the common belief states: being at the right place and time. We truly believe that success can be learned and taught, as Eric Ries, the founder of Lean Startup states in its manifest.

Lean Startup is a product development methodology, inspired by customer development and agile development, that helps us define the right process for creating products and services that are really necessary or desired by the audience. …

A brief guide on everything you should know about RoR.

Speed and adaptability have always been two of the most precious factors for impactful growth in businesses of all kinds. At eagerWorks, we are convinced that creating a successful application claims for an equation that includes both, but with a twist. The Lean Startup methodology, with its shorter product development cycles, business-hypothesis drive, iterative releases and continuous learning, showed the world the power of strategic (nonetheless fast) thinking and acting. So, when Eric Ries (a.k.a. the God of the Lean method for startups all over the world) claimed “Rails has…

Tech Guide to Choose Wisely for a Badass Mobile Product.

If you start reading this guide, you’re probably looking for some insights on how and when to build a mobile application for your business. Everybody knows what a mobile app is. Mainly because more than 3.5 billion people own a mobile phone nowadays, and those cell phones host at least a couple (if not a crowded bunch) of apps with multiple purposes. To go past the obvious hardware choice, we should also take into consideration other mobile devices (such as tablets or wearables like smartwatches) that can be home to mobile applications too.

Possibilities are almost endless when it comes…


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